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Unite and Represent Hispanic Countries

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Our Hispanic Style

¡GRACIAS Hispanicos and Supporters! We hope our products represent you and connect you with others with an ALMA HISPANA or we should say an HISPANIC ANIMA, giving you a brand to seek when you look for a piece of your HOME or I should say HOGAR.

Who are these HISPANICOS

From college student-athletes in the United States coming from Hispanic origins to being Hispanicos trying to connect with other Hispanicos. There were four friends talking at the cafeteria table about how Hispanics are different but still drawn to each other like a magnet! No matter if we say “JODER” or “NO MANCHES” when something is not going well, or if we say “nos dejó la GUAGUA o el CAMION!”Como AMIGOS of different Hispanic backgrounds think of ourselves as being muy different yet very similar. We decided to unite and represent this culture with everyone who supports and decides they have a HISPANIC SOUL like us.

Paolo Ibáñez Medina

Technology Director

Rafael Antonio Ibáñez Medina

Design & Development Director

Sergio Fabila

Mexico Representative & Legal Director

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We want to provide the best service for our Hispanicos the best we can, and do all in our power so they are satisfied.

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